The Strawberry Farm


  2.	The Strawberry Farm ice cream trailer will give your guests for your next event something they'll be talking about for days! Our fresh local grown berries turned into a delicious real fruit ice-cream ready to be onsite for any occasion, whether it's a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event. Book our Ice-cream trailer today!

We're a proud family-run business. We believe every day is a little - or sometimes big - celebration.

Run by the McMahon family, every part of The Strawberry Farm is there to put a little joy into your day. You can pick your own fresh berries for those balmy summer afternoons, and let the kids run free in our specially-designed playground. At Punnet, you can kick back with morning tea coffee and cake, or a delicious lunch. And at the Country Providore, you'll find everyday goodies and special-occasion treats for yourself or someone else.

The Strawberry Farm has been part of Tamahere for more than 25 years, but it was taken over by the McMahon family (that's us!) in 2003. Starting with an honesty box system, we soon built a shop to sell the berries from, and were the first in Hamilton to start making our own natural fruit ice cream.

As the Strawberry Farm became more of a destination and as the little shop grew, we realised that the community needed its own gathering spot, somewhere people could spend time relaxing and enjoying life. Punnet was born! Not long after that The Country Providore followed, selling ice cream all year round and playing an everyday role in the community as an upmarket convenience store.

Now, we're a fixture in the community. Punnet has a real character of its own and is a favourite of people all over the Waikato. The Country Providore is the place to go for chic homewares and gifts, as well as specialty and everyday foods from local providers. We have an ice cream trailer that lets us share our ice cream all over the region, looked after by our daughter Kate. And the Strawberry Farm keeps doing what it does best - growing strawberries to be sold by Emma in the shop and showcased by Haley in the café. That's something that makes us enjoy every day on the farm.

100% New Zealand owned and operated

The Strawberry Farm is made up of three interconnected parts - The Strawberry Farm, Punnet café, and The Country Providore.

The Strawberry Farm - Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck

If you're looking for something different and memorable for your next big event, book The Strawberry Farm ice cream trailer today! It's a lot of fun for any occasion, whether it's a birthday party, a wedding, or a corporate event. 

The Strawberry Farm ice cream trailer will give your guests something they'll be talking about for days - strawberry ice cream like they'll never have tasted before!

We'll pack the trailer full of our own berries and ice cream, which we make ourselves from the strawberries we grow, and serve it on-site right before your eyes.

To book/Hire our ice cream trailer for your next event and put smiles on your guests' faces, contact us today!

Pick your Own Strawberry & Strawberry Tours

Give your group of children a new appreciation for
fresh produce.  

It's a wonderful learning experience for children to see first-hand how produce makes it from the plant to the table.

Owner Gary McMahon will show you where the strawberries are grown, and tell you all about how they turn from plants in the ground to those big juicy berries. During the tour, you'll be able to pick your own strawberries to take home.

At the end, there's strawberry ice cream - made from our own berries - to finish the tour on a real high note!

Tours are run between November and February from 9am and are suitable for ages three and older.

To bring your school or playcentre group to The Strawberry Farm for one of our fun and educational tours contact us here to book today.

Enjoy the whole Strawberry Farm experience by picking
your own!We grow the Camarosa variety of strawberry. They're a sweet, large fruit with a good shelf life and beautiful colour, just what you need for your celebratory recipe or fruit bowl.

What could be better than being out in the summer sunshine, strolling through a field of strawberries and selecting the freshest, ripest berries yourself?  'Sample' as you pick and take the rest home to share - if you don't devour them all in the car on the way home.

Open weekends only in November, December, and January Open every day between Christmas and New Year Entry fee: $3 for children 3-12 years, $4.50 for adults Take-home strawberries are charged per kilo, seasonally adjusted

Due to weather, the paddock may be closed. To save disappointment, we recommend you phone ahead on (07) 859 1380 to make sure it's open before you come out.