An Almost Zero Waste Life


Megean Weldon, aka The Zero Waste Nerd, will guide you on an attainable, inspirational, mindful, and completely realistic journey to a sustainable living life. Complete with tips, strategies, recipes, and DIY projects for reducing waste—all in one beautifully illustrated guide. 

An Almost Zero Waste Life focuses on the positive, by presenting simple ways to reduce waste in every aspect of your life:


  • Cleaning: Recipes for natural cleaners and how to ditch paper towels for good.
  • Meal plans: Weekly menus and recipes for zero waste meals that use bulk pantry staples.
  • Shopping: How to shop zero waste at big chain stores and ways to reduce food packaging.
  • Bathroom: Sustainable beauty routine.
  • Recycling: Ingenious ways to repurpose old clothing and how to recycle small metals, like razor blades.
  • Compost: The basics of composting.
  • And much more!