Cassia Curry Sauce


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These delicious sauces are super easy to use. Simply cook up some protein and add the sauce! Add coconut milk, cream or water to change the consistency if you prefer. 

Korma Curry Sauce: A mild, thick curry sauce with almonds and cardamom that you're sure to love! Tastes great with chicken, lamb, vegetables or as a dip for naan bread. 

Makhani Curry Sauce: You might know this yummy sauce as butter chicken sauce! This medium spicy sauce stands apart from all others as instead of butter this sauce is made from cashew nuts to make it super velvety. Great with chicken (obviously!), lamb, beef or vegetables.

Karahi Curry Sauce: This delicious, chunky sauce definitely has a kick! A tomato-based curry that tastes great with vegetables, beef, lamb and chicken.