Kapiti Candy


You won't be able to put any of these yummy lollies down!

Sugar Free Kisses: Guilt free and tasty, perfect for an afternoon pick me up 
Sugar Free Peppermint Kisses: The classic taste of peppermint you know and love, without the sugar! 
Sugar Free Raspberry Melts: You won't miss the sugar with these melt in your mouth raspberry treats!
Fruit Jellies: A fun and colourful fruity chew that will keep you coming back for more!
Spacers: These pink sweets are bursting with out of this world flavour
Choc Coated Hokey Pokey: You won't be able to say no to this yummy chocolate coated hokey pokey. 
Coconut Ice: The recipe for these delicious coconut ice bites has been passed down through generations. A family favourite for all.