Lime Blossom & Chamomile Tea


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This green tea infusion of Wu-Lu tea is infused with a complex lemony chamomile aroma. The lime tree blossoms, chamomile and a hint of ginger are layered with elderflowers, marigold and sunflower blossoms to create a unique and relaxing blend. To get the perfect brew of green tea is simple, though often missed; getting the temperature and time just right. Many people find green tea too astringent because they are brewing their drink at 100˚c. Green tea is very delicate and needs cooler water. Brewing green tea at 80˚c brings out completely different flavours, yielding a sweeter and much smoother brew with the complex flavours not overpowered by tannins.

1 slightly heaped tsp per 250ml
Freshly boiled water, cooled to 80˚c (or add a bit of cold water to the bottom of your cup)
Brew for 2 mins
Serve clear or with honey

This tea is Certified Organic.

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