Macadamia and Berries Grawnola


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Little Bird 350g Macadamia & Berries Grawnola is the perfect antioxidising start to the day, with superfood fruits like Lucuma, Camu Camu & Blackcurrants - all renowned for being super high in Vitamin C.
Their Grawnola is hand-made in small batches. They sprout their buckwheat, sunflower and macadamia, then dehydrate and blend with some of nature’s finest and tastiest antioxidants, including Camu Camu, Blueberries,Strawberries and Currants. This synergistic blend will provide you and your taste buds with raw, nutritional goodness.

Sprouted Buckwheat*, Coconut Crystals*†, Activated Sunflower Seeds*, Currants*, Macadamia*(8%), Pineapple*, Golden linseed*, Lucuma*, Camu Camu*, Freezedried Berries: (Blueberries* 0.7%, Blackberries* 0.7%, Strawberries* 0.5%, Blackcurrants* 0.5%), Lemon*, Sea Salt*.

*Certified Organic Ingredients
†Ingredient not raw
Contains: Tree Nuts
May Contain: Traces of Sesame Seed