Father Rabbit - Weekly Diary 2024 - Oranges


This beautiful Father Rabbit 2024 Weekly Diary in oranges – a delightful companion for the year ahead. This sweet diary captures the essence of freshness, warmth, and zest, making it the perfect tool to help you stay organised and inspired throughout 2024.

The diary cover showcases a lovely illustration of oranges, their vibrant hues radiating with energy and vitality. This is more than just a scheduling tool; it's an invitation to embrace the vibrancy of life and to cultivate a fruitful year. 

Infuse your days with intention, purpose, and a splash of citrus joy as you document the moments, commitments and daily tasks for the year 2024.

A5 Hardcover, week per spread diary featuring:
- Weekly To-Do lists
- Monthly double page planner
- To do lists: Read, Watch, Buy, Listen, Do, Make
- Lie flat cover
- Ribbon marker