Get Lit Chipotle BBQ Sauce


A sauce fit for the BBQ sauce lovers. Created with smoked chipotle, and sweetened with dates and molasses, bringing a rich caramel note to the table (that is refined sugar free). Get Lit is the perfect sauce for any meat you could think of and recommended for sausages, rissoles, chicken tenders, steaks or kebabs straight off the grill. You can cook with Get Lit as a marinade and glazing sauce for ribs, meatloaf and brisket during the cooler months. 

Get Lit Chipotle BBQ Sauce is GF, DF, MSG free, palm oil free, refined sugar free and vegan

Water, apple cider vinegar, tomato, tomato paste, dates, molasses, Worcester Sauce (may contain anchovies) smoked chilli powder, garlic, smoke essence, cloves, smoked paprika, salt.

Spice level: Medium as a side sauce or mild as a marinade
Please note: The Worchester Sauce used is vegan and gluten free
Size: 315gm

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