Insink - Lotus Leaf & Lustre

Option: Lotus Leaf & Lustre

The Insink - Lotus Leaf & Lustre by Ashley & Co is for gleaming your sink of dishes! Insink’s mild, botanical and eco-friendly formulation cuts through grease and cleanses with confidence. Gentle on both skin and dishes, you can rinse knowing that this fragrant blend, fortified with essential oils of citrus, clove bud and cinnamon, is effective without the use of harsh ingredients.  It comes in a beautiful and functional product bottle to inspire you to keep it on display in your kitchen. The Insink pairs beautifully with the Benchpress.

Size: 500ml 

Ingredients: Naturally plant based

  • Water
  • Lauryl Glucoside
  • Sodium Coco-Sulfate
  • Parfum
  • Phenoxyethanol
  •  Citric Acid
  • Ethylhexylglycerin
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Free of SLS & Parabens

Directions: For smaller jobs, add one pump directly onto your brush. To fill a sink, add several pumps under warm running water.