Love Thy Curry


These delicious spices add the perfect extra kick to your meal. 

Malaysian rendang: This semi dry curry is a great extra spicy to add to your next curry to add a little bit of heat.

Lamb madras: This is the perfect addition of spice to your meal. Tastes amazing with not only lamb, but beef and chicken too.

Chicken tikka masala: A delicious mild curry flavouring to bring your next chicken dish to the next level. 

Moghul chicken korma: This divine mild curry is something everyone can enjoy, even the kids. It is so delicious and creamy, has the perfect blend of flavours to add to your chicken.  

Tandoori chicken: This tandoori chicken spice set is the perfect blend of spices to add rich flavours to your meal.

Butter Chicken: This mild curry is sure to be a fast family favourite!

Rogan Josh: This northern indian curry tastes amazing with lamb or beef. 

Beef Vindaloo: This spicy, aromatic curry gives you just the right amount of kick!